Indecent Assault

Indecent assault means committing an act of indecency on or in the presence of another person.

The maximum penalty that can be imposed by the court is 5 years imprisonment.

What the police or the Crown need to prove to establish the offence is:

  1. That you assaulted the complainant/victim
  2. That the assault was indecent,
  3. There was no consent of the complainant/victim
  4. That you knew the complainant or victim did not consent, or you knew that there was a possibility that the complainant/victim was not consenting but you continued indecently assaulting them, or you did not even think about whether the complainant/victim was consenting or not (in short, you did not care whether they were consenting).

In our experience, indecent assault can be:

  • Touching someone’s breasts, the outside of their anus, vagina or penis
  • Kissing someone, or even fondling someone’s ears
  • Rubbing against another person

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