Child Pornography

Child abuse material that is possessed, produced, disseminated is a criminal offence.

The scale of child abuse material varies – from simply having pictures of children partly clothed, to children in sexually suggestive poses.

Under the relevant act,

disseminate child abuse material, includes:

(a)  send, supply, exhibit, transmit or communicate it to another person, or

(b)  make it available for access by another person, or

(c)  enter into any agreement or arrangement to do so.

possess child abuse material includes, in relation to material in the form of data, being in possession or control of data

produce child abuse material includes:

(a)  film, photograph, print or otherwise make child abuse material, or

(b)  alter or manipulate any image for the purpose of making child abuse material, or

(c)  enter into any agreement or arrangement to do so.

In some instances, offences of this type can be finalised in the Local Court unless there has been an election by the prosecutor to finalise the matter in the District Court.

If the matter is finalised in the District Court, there is a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

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