Parenting and Child Arrangements

When a separation occurs, families are left wondering whom the children will be staying with and when each parent will see their children.

These considerations form the basis of any parenting arrangements. But what the key issue considered by the court is what is in the child’s best interests.

At Austere Legal, we have experience in parenting consent orders that are fair and equitable to both parents. From organising which parent will pick up the children from school, or who attends soccer practice, we are able to tailor an arrangement to both parents with minimal emotional upheaval and trauma on your children.

Parenting Agreements are valid until the child turns 18 years of age. When Parenting Agreements cannot be reached, the matter will be finalised by the court to resolve any parenting and custody issues. In some cases, an Independent Children’s Lawyer will be appointed by the court to assist in providing the court the children’s views and what their best interests are.

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